Saad Alani
The alternative of the Zionist lobby
How the Zionists (masked more than visible) reach the leadership of the political parties (political decision)?.
As you know, leaders of the political parties form the Parliament and the Government, that's to say the authority, that's the political decision.
We must remember, for example, that the Balfour Declaration, division of Palestine, Establishment of what so-called the State of Israel, invasion of Iraq and the decisions of austerity are POLITICAL DECISIONS.
What happens in the political parties?
Inside all political parties, there is an election to select the leadership at various levels. This only happens with the members present at an election meeting, which constitute a very small percentage of the party members (4-12%). Who participates in the meetings are the Zionists, who hide behind masks, in which they form a majority in the meeting, to elect people from them, but, in fact, they are a small minority in the party and in the community. lets us see the following scheme:
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Saad Alani